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Generative AI

ChatGPT can intelligently answer questions and generate new content. But it only knows about what it's been trained with.

And that is generic information from about 1% of the internet, prior to 2021.

Trained on your data

We enhance the AI with your data. Then we build an intelligent assistant that can summarise, extract and reformat any information from your knowledge base and documents.

Integrated with your process

AI doesn't exist in a vacuum. We integrate the AI's output into your existing processes. Replace and speed up existing manual work.

To solve your problems

Summarise reports. Generate presentations. Consult legal documents. Automated onboarding and training. 24/7/365 customer support.


Just to name a few.

We have the tools

We built Bunni that can do all the heavy lifting. And we built an API over it.

We just add your data and use our API to integrate with your system.

We have the team

Farez Rahman

The software person

20 years of commercial software development experience. Ph.D. in Computer Science from University College London.

Jo Lodge

The data expert.

20 years building government data systems. Ex Head of Business Intelligence at Westminster City Council, London.

Leif Latiff

The implementation pro.

20 years of IT experience. CTO at numerous startups, guiding their technical implementation roadmap and building no-code solutions.

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